Tuesday, January 08, 2008

File under "I want."

We're planning for a move in the next year or so. The girls have made both my husband and me aware of what they do/don't want in their new bedroom in their new house. One thing they want is their bedroom the same color. Um...not gonna happen. I regretted painting their room light blue from the moment I did it. We knew I would paint a mural and thought blue would be the best backdrop. We were wrong.

Regardless, I'm adding Chalkals to my wishlist for the girls' new room. They may look like ordinary wall decals, but they can actually be written on with chalk.

Do they still make chalkboard paint? If so, I could do something like that with stencils. Still, I thought those owls were awfully cute. And given the name of this blog, wouldn't these be perfect for my office?

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Des said...

Yes, they do make chalk board paint. I just painted the entire wall in my pantry/mudroom space. My kids enjoy using brightly colored chalk on it to draw pictures, sign contracts and practice their spelling.

I love light blue rooms, expecially ceilings. My favorite color is Benjamin Moore's Windmill Wings - calm, ethereal and breathtakingly beautiful.