Thursday, January 17, 2008

Support our troops by sending good vibes

My friend over at Halfway Hip (with whom I have found over the years that I have far too much in common) is getting ready for her family to transition from military to civilian. Been there, done that, it's a surreal experience. We are not civilians. We've survived deployments and so very many other things exclusive to the military culture. There is no way we can completely separate ourselves from what we have endured and for most of us, no way we would want to do that.

It's such a weird and profound experience. Heck, it even prompted me to rename my blog. As Kristin Henderson wrote, it truly is like stepping off the spaceship. I blogged about it at the very beginning, so I'll just direct you to this post: Notes From A Former Military Wife.

Now a friend of mine is about to embark on that strange trip. Yet again, I want to remind people that the oddity and hardships do not end with the homecoming. That's just the end of your participation in the conflict over there for the time being. There are many conflicts still to be endured here at home. So pretty pretty please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Penelope Anne said...

Definitely will do so...I can only imagine the change.
I have added you to the Magnificent Mama Blogroll at the Cafe.