Monday, March 03, 2008

I have the most wonderful friends
who have the most wonderful kids.

One of my friends has a particularly brilliant (and hysterically funny) little guy. He's far too smart for his own (or his parents') good. Although, he does provide wonderful fodder for her blog. He has done it yet again and it's hysterical.

She blogged about some of his latest exploits, but she left off another one that had me guffawing out loud (for those with an aversion to LOLing).

I'm going to paraphrase her report from memory. Hopefully, I won't screw it up. If I do, I trust that she'll correct me in the comments.

While at church, he was climbing on something (a railing? the pew?). She chastized him and in full Catholic mom mode, asked, "Does Jesus climb on your furniture? No. So you don't climb on his. This is Jesus' house. He doesn't come over and jump on your bed, so you stay off his furniture." So he stopped and after a moment, he looked up and said loudly, "But, Mommy, I LIKE Jesus. If he wants to come over and jump on my bed, he can."

At that, the priest had to take a break from leading mass because he cracked up too. I had the same reaction.