Monday, March 03, 2008

Hacking a cough

Does anyone have any hacks (oh the puns!) for coughs and/or congestion? I'm dying here and my sanity (and sleep which is directly related to my sanity) rely on your help.

I've tried honey.

I tried the generic equivalent of vapor rub (both on my chest/neck as is traditional and also on the soles of my feet).

I tried a sleeping pill.

I tried another sleeping pill a while later when the original combo didn't help.

Quick, someone give me some ideas--preferably from something that already exists in my cabinets because I'm not going for a walk in the wide wide world where I can pass around the cough.


Giselle said...

Honey, lemon, and whiskey in equal portions. Take it a tablespoonful at a time. Oh, and fwliw, vick's vapor rub will dry your milk right up, I've heard.

Robin said...

Chocolate. Seriously. (And hey, if it doesn't work you'll at least be happy while you're coughing.)

Reiza said...

Oh, Robin, I had completely forgotten about that. I just read that dark chocolate works well for coughs (the darker the better with little to no dairy). THANK YOU for the reminder. I will be getting a large stash for us later this evening.

Woo hoo. :-)

Giselle said...

Damn! I didn't know that! But, I am really grateful for the knowledge.