Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A lovely gushing thank you letter to my dear sweet son.

As I've mentioned, I've been ill as of late. I've been horribly congested which means no sleep for me. Coughing and that horrible "Can't breathe because I'm drowning in my own mucous" feeling keeps me from sleeping at night. Even taking two OTC sleeping pills at a time doesn't help much at all.

There is, however, a higher power who likes me and my son does as well. I can manage to fall asleep around 7 am. The big kids are up by then, but they can take care of themselves. Typically, this would be a disaster because it would give me only about an hour of sleep before the baby is up for the day. TheBoy goes down at 7 pm and is typically up around 8:30 am. Sometimes, on the weekend, we get lucky and he'll allow us all to sleep later, but it's his routine to be up around 8:30 on weekdays. This was endlessly useful when I was going to the gym. When I'm stuck home with a cold, though, not so much.

Ever since I've been sick, TheBoy has been sleeping until at least 10:30 am. Oh dear sweet child, THANK YOU. I need that little extra bit of sleep oh so very much.

Today, he was up around 6:30, just before dh left for work. I thought the worst, but nope. Thanks to my lovely husband, my dear sweet son and the grace of G-d, it all worked out. Dh took TheBoy to the potty. He went then insisted, "Go play now." Dh nixed that idea and put him back to bed where he went back to sleep and has been sleeping ever since. Have you seen my time stamp? It's after 11 am.

And yes, a choir of angels did sing.

What's better than that? The child is still taking naps during the day. Granted, it's not the 3 hour naps he usually takes, but he has still been napping for 1-2 hours. Given that he's sleeping at least 2 hours later than usual, it's a miracle that the child is napping at all.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

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Katie said...

Dear Boy,
please teach your cousin M how to take good solid naps. Thank you!!!!

Auntie Katie