Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear World Maths Day folks,

It may have seemed like a good idea, but I'm about ready to injure someone over at World Maths Day.

Both my big kids are signed up and ready to go. Problem is, I suspect the server is not prepared for the demand. We can't do anything. The games won't load. When we're finally able to get one to start, there's nothing there. A map pops up every once in a while, but then nothing happens. Occasionally, it kicks us out for a period of inactivity, but the only reason we're inactive is because THERE'S NOTHING THERE.

My kids were really excited to do this. The idea of joining people from all over the world playing math games was pretty cool. Now, though, that excitement is fading and I'm being met with questions like, "That's never going to work. May I watch Little House on the Prairie instead?"

So much for getting my kids excited about math.

Oh and I'm hanging my head in shame because after looking through the 100 top scores, I don't see a single American. Oy vey!

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