Monday, August 13, 2007

Therapy, updates, babies and prayers

September 17, 2007 edit:
Since people have been finding their way here by googling, "Can Jews have c-sections," I figured I'd clear that up. Yes, we can. No, it is not the ideal. Please note that I am not a rabbi. Please consult your rabbi for specific information regarding halachah.

Childcare showed up late. They got here right around the time we should have been arriving at the doctor's office. Then we found Map Quest's directions were stupid--as usual. So it took longer than it should plus we passed the office and had to turn around. We got there late.

Luckily, the therapist was running late, so she never even noticed our tardiness. Whew.

The appointment went well. She wants to see us individually before she sees us together again. With the kids and dh's work schedule, that's going to prove to be difficult, but we're gonna try to work it out.

In other news, a friend is in labor. All was not going as planned in her homebirth. Last I heard, there was some hope, but it looked like she was going to wind up with a repeat c-section. I cried when I heard that. I wanted so much better for her. She has done everything right. She deserves better.

When I talked to her, I tried to get across that her body may have reasons that we don't understand. I want her to know that a healthy baby is NOT all that matters. Pregnancy and birth matter. She did everything she needed to do during this pregnancy. She cared. She was an active participant. That is important. This time, she went into labor on her own. She got the chance to labor in the birth pool with her older son. That is important. How this child comes into the world is important. She has done everything she could to provide a calm safe entrance for this child. I'm glad hospitals are available for medically indicated c-sections. I just wish hers wasn't one of them. I know that's very much not what she wanted.

I'm wracking my brain to try to find a way to make this easier on her. I can't take away the emotions she's going to feel, but hopefully, I can use my experiences to help her.

I'm still holding on to the last shred of hope that maybe, somehow, she can still have this baby safely at home. Yet at the same time, I'm hoping and praying for the strength and healing she'll need if that doesn't happen.

She's not Jewish, but I am, so I said this prayer for her:

Mi sheberakh avoteinu mekor habrakha l’imoteinu
May the Source of strength
Who blessed the ones before us
Help us find the courage
To make our lives a blessing,
And let us say: Amen.
Mi sheberakh imoteinu mekor habrakha l’avoteinu
Bless those in need of healing With refuah shleima:
The renewal of body,
The renewal of spirit,
And let us say: Amen

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