Friday, August 03, 2007

Bunnies, booze and sex

Kamrin left this wonderful comment:

"Bunnies are cute, but booze is better!"

Make sure we add, "Sex" to the list of things that inspire happiness.

Don't know if we're getting anywhere on the issue, but there was actually indoor sports being played in our room this morning. With 3 kids (including two who continue to get up loudly at the butt-crack of dawn), any action before 10 pm is a very rare occurrence.

Which is a shame 'cause it's one hell of a way to start your day. Plus it helps when dealing with the continuing lack of sleep. Once the kids are up at 2 or 4, even if they go back to sleep, I'm up for the day. I swear, I'm gonna stop taking Ambien and just give it to the freaking kids. It would probably work better that way.

But hey, I got no sleep, but I did get laid.

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