Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's interesting where the emphasis lies.

This story has been going around the breastfeeding community as of late:

Applebee's, woman in dispute over breast-feeding

In this report, there's no mention of money. In the mom's own original words, she made this comment:

I left a message for Senator Tom Buford and the next day he called me back. I asked him what recourse I had. He said "If you take them to small claims court you could get up to $1,500.00" .... "if you take them to a higher court you may not even get enough to cover your legal fees." I told the Senator I was not interested in money.

Yet in Linda B. Blackford's article, a representative for Applebees is quoted as saying,

“I note with interest that she had a copy of the statute with her....”

While reading about the topic on other websites, I came across the comment (I'm paraphrasing),
"Obviously she wanted attention. Who brings a copy of the law with them to a restaurant?"

Um...Hi. That would be me. For years, I've carried a copy of my state's breastfeeding laws with me in my diaper bag.

Why would I do such a thing? Am I trying to provoke someone? Actually, quite the opposite. I'm trying to feed my baby in peace. I carry the law with me so that, should someone harass me, I can show them the law. That way, hopefully, the issue will resolve quickly without a confrontation. Because, after all, who would continue to break the law once someone specifically shows you that you are doing so? (In my best Dr. Evil voice) Hmmmm...

I also think it's odd that the fact that Mrs. Ryan has specifically refused to seek any monetary gain is not pointed out. The focus is on the fact that she had a copy of the law. Once again, Hmmmmm....

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Housefairy said...

I want to do this now-- I think I will print up a copy and do it--thanks for the inspiration!