Monday, May 04, 2009

Mothers' Day gifts

On the radio today, I heard a number of moms call in to share either their favorite Mothers' Day gift or what they want this year. The answers ranged from a house keeper to one mom's wish to watch her favorite t.v. shows at the actual time they're on rather than having to record them to watch later.

It doesn't take me any time to decide what my favorite Mothers' Day gift is.

When my daughters were in the NICU, we went to visit them on Mothers' Day and found notes taped to the top of their incubators. The nurses there had left gifts for all the moms. They typed up a poem on pretty paper and stamped each babies' feet on the side.

This was a time when I didn't feel like a mother at all. I wasn't able to parent my babies. The doctors and nurses made all the decisions and did all the baby care. We were only able to hold our children twice a day. I wore my hospital ID bracelets long after I was released because they had given me one for each of my babies to identify me as their mother. I had to leave without my babies. Whereas other moms around me pushed babies in strollers, wore them in slings or carried them in their arms, my arms were empty. Those bracelets proved I was a mother since I had no babies with me to do that.

So that little poem was even more important for me. I needed to know that people saw me as a mother. I needed to be reminded that my children still relied on me as their mother, even when I couldn't do the typical motherly things.

That gift cost nothing, but I don't think any Mothers' Day gift will ever be more important or more profound.

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