Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On a quest for the perfect swaddle blanket

I'm on a mission, not from G-d, but an important one none-the-less.

TheBaby sleeps fabulously when she's swaddled. The problem is that, from a very early age, she channeled Houdini and got out of the blanket. So we bought the small cotton Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me wrap at Toys R Us. That worked well until fairly recently.

Now, TheBaby is too tall and her legs get cramped. She has also rediscovered her inner Houdini and can get her arms out no matter how tightly she's wrapped.

When she's swaddled, she sleeps through the night. When she's not, she's up every hour. You see why I NEED A FREAKING SWADDLE BLANKET.

Someone suggested the Miracle Blanket. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm open to any and all ideas right now.


Glad Hatter said...

DH would wrap dd in a large blanket or two until she was a mini-mummy. Think straight jacket not swaddling.

Reiza said...

I've done that.

When the swaddle blanket was in the wash and the kid would not sleep, I rolled her in a blanket. Kept her arms pinned, but I couldn't get her feet secure enough too.

I wish it was winter. I think I might be able to get that to work with more than one blanket (never thought of that), but it would be too hot right now.

Krissy said...

The only blanket that adequately swaddled DS was the hospital blanket. The ones they make you leave there. The ones I convinced the nurses (who were my patients when I worked in the office) to let me take home anyway using my on hospital staff employer as a bargaining chip :-D

For my nephew, Carter's t-shirt material blankets worked awesome because they have the perfect amount of stretch to them.

Katie said...

ahem, McCalls sells a pattern for a swaddle blanket...wouldnt be hard to make :) Just saying.

Reiza said...

The hospital blankets left over from the big sisters worked great when she was smaller. Before she was a month old, though, she could shimmy out of them.

I'm telling ya, Houdini.

They sell patterns for those? I had no idea.

After another really bad night with TheBaby getting her arms out and waking EVERY FREAKING HOUR, we need something FAST.

I was hoping to get to do a review of one I'd never heard of before, but looked very promising. Alas, I haven't heard back. Shame too 'cause it looked really neat.

Sacdjas said...

i know your baby is much older now, but you may want to pass on this information to a friend: www.thewoombie.com
It's the best swaddle system I've found. simple, effective and the baby doesn't overheat. my DS falls asleep in 2 minutes or less wearing this along with some gentle rocking from me.

Reiza said...

I scoured the internet and never saw the Woombie. That does look like it would have worked. The price isn't bad either. Blast! TheBaby is done with swaddling now, but I think that probably would have been our best bet. Thanks for the info.