Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did you know: Disposable Diapers

I found out about this when my twins were babies and I've realized that many are not aware of this little bit of information. So I'll share.

Did you know that if you use disposable diapers and have a problem (leaking, tabs breaking, etc), you can call the number on the package and get either a free package or a check (depending on the brand)?

Keep the package until all the diapers/training pants are done because if you have a problem, you'll need the phone number and the identifying numbers from the package.

It's usually a very quick call. They take your information, ask about the problem and then issue compensation of some form.

When my daughters were smaller, it was a much more detailed call. The phone reps asked the weight of the child, where the problem was specifically(if it leaked from the leg, the back, etc), if you had any suspicions about what caused the problem, etc. Lately, though, they just take your information, apologize and send either a free pack or a check.

We use cloth most of the time, but we use disposables at night and on some rare occasions. Plus TheBoy sleeps in disposable training pants at night. Usually, there are no problems, but when there are, we know what to do.

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Scary Mommy said...

Why did I not know this???? And why do nurses not tell you to point the boys penis down? I went through boxes and boxes with my son- he leaked everywhere before I figured it out. I really think it's a conspiracy!