Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get A Job--revisited


Yippeeee. We're thrilled. The starting pay is about twice his average pay lately (he currently works on commission, but this has a flat rate). It goes up after two months and then if he advances (which the interviewer told him they believe he'll do quickly), there will be even more income.

This really is an answer to our prayers. We can breathe (and save) again.

A huge thank you to everyone who prayed and thought good thoughts.


Phyllis Sommer said...


Robin said...

Congratulations, that's wonderful news!

The LIbrary Lady said...

Mazel Tov!!

Suzie said...

Totally wished upon stars for you guys. Glad it came if only my dumb wish would come true and as quickly as yours! Oh well, your wish is far more worthy than mine.

Best of luck!

Krissy said...

Oh you so deserve every good thing that comes your way!!