Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Money-saving tip

Here's my money-saving tip of the day: When in need of a replacement for baby gear, double check the old item before buying a replacement.

Remember, while I was pregnant, I asked about replacements for a destroyed stroller and a bouncy seat that didn't vibrate (a feature I like to call, "Rumble Bum"). A bouncy works well enough as a place to deposit a child, but without that rumble bum feature, no child of mine would ever fall asleep in there. When it vibrates, though, that's another story entirely.

We've been using the old bouncy just as a plain old seat since the vibrate feature didn't work. Just for the hell of it, dh added new batteries (we emptied the old ones out before we stored it) and tried it. It works.

I'm not sure what happened in those 2 and a half years or so it was in the attic. Maybe the rumble bum fairy came to visit. I don't know. All I know is that it stopped working shortly after TheBoy was born even after trying new batteries and now, it works.

I don't need an explanation. I just need a bouncy seat with a rumble bum feature that actually works. Bouncy seat WIN.

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