Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Morning sickness is evil.

I'm still here. I am, however, very sick. Morning sickness hates me and refuses to leave. I'm so freaking exhausted all the time. I keep meaning to post, but it just hasn't been a priority. Sorry, all.

I'm inching closer to my second trimester and I'm hoping that once I get there, I'll feel a lot better.

Until then, I'll leave you with this bizarre, but cute encounter.

The other day, TheBoy was playing with a toy remote control while I watched the news. They featured a deployed Marine who, via web cam, got his first view of his 2-day-old daughter. The newborn little girl got TheBoy's attention. When the clip was over, he said, "Want see baby again." When I told him that wasn't going to happen, he came over to me, said, "See your baby. Hi, baby," kissing my stomach. He then held his remote up to my stomach and said, "Remote for your baby." He was very insistent that the baby was to have that remote. At one point he told me, "You hold wit two hands. Hold remote for baby. Hold for when baby here." I thought it was sweet.

Oh and when asked what we should name the baby, TheBoy offered, "Somebody Else."


Elizabeth said...

I found your blog by reading the comment you left on my friend's Extraordinary Mommy blog (during the Bloggy Giveaway contest). I also say mizpah to my family! I wrote an article about it on the Extraordinary Mommy website, if you'd like to read it. Go to: http://www.extraordinarymommy.com/enjoy.htm

I'm having fun reading your blog, and I love the links on the left under "I like." I've been wasting time checking out your links!

BTW, congrats on your pregnancy. Sorry the morning sickness is so awful!

Phyllis Sommer said...

i can totally empathize. i think that my morning sickness (All-day sickness, i think it should be called) got worse with each pregnancy. for one of them, i couldn't drink plain water. crazy. it's one reason i'm not sure i want to do it all again....

hang in there. things that have worked for me to beat the nausea: mint gum, seltzer, lemon drops, pizza (weird, huh?)...