Thursday, August 28, 2008

And now a few words from my son.

While at the zoo last week, we came across a big cat that I couldn't positively identify. I said to a friend, "I guess it's a leopard." I then pointed out the leopard to the kids. I picked TheBoy up for a better view and asked, "Do you see the leopard?" To which he replied, "Dat not Leopard. Dat Jaguar."

We walked around and found the sign and sure enough, the kid was right. He's 2 and he corrected me and was RIGHT.

Back story: my son is weaned. He hasn't nursed in over a month. While discussing that the new baby will have mama's milk when he/she/they get here, we had this conversation:

Boy: TheBoy want mama milk.
Me: The milk I had for you is gone.
Boy: Whyyyyyyyy?
Me: Because you weaned.
Boy: Whyyyyyyyy?
Me: Because you stopped nursing.
Boy: Whyyyyyyy?
Me: Because you're a big kid now, so you stopped nursing and the milk I had for you went away.
Boy: (peering down my shirt) Nipple came back.
Me: No, my breasts and nipples didn't go anywhere, just the milk.
Boy: Whyyyyyyyy?

You get the picture. It went on like that for a while.

Later in the evening, he tried to process it all. He pointed to everyone and asked if they had weaning (this included his sisters, the dog, the cat and me). When he got to himself, though, he said, "Not TheBoy. TheBoy not weaned."

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