Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stunning photograph

I am in awe of this shot of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rosi.

Isn't that the most stunning image you've seen in a while?

For the longest time, I've wanted to create or at least buy a bumper sticker that says "Marriage = Love" to combat those annoying "Marriage = man + woman" stickers. After seeing that photograph, I think it would be perfect to have something that read, "Marriage =" preceding that picture.


Irim said...

Oh my god, I'm welling up, looking at that picture. It's just stunning beyond belief. The love is palpable.

I grew up with parents who didn't love each other, and it was awful. If I were to psychoanalyse myself, I'd say that I never got married b/c I was afraid of being trapped in a marriage like theirs. And I've seen so many friends get married b/c they were turning 30, they'd been muddling along with their partner and it's what you did after a certain length of time or just so they'd have a ring on their finger- people who knew it was wrong as they were walking up the aisle.

I remember the wedding rehearsal of a good friend of mine: when they practised their vows, and for some reason, he thought it appropriate to say, "I give you this ring, for which I paid a lot," then topped it by saying 'yuk' after the kiss. We bridesmaids nearly killed him. The next day, right on cue, they had their first row at the reception when he said he wanted to spend time with his friends, not do all the 'weddingy stuff'.

That day, I thanked heaven I'd never been trapped.

Crikey, this has kicked up a lot. Sorry!

Seeing love like this is soul-restoring. And yes, marriage = love, no matter who you are.

I want to love and be loved like that. And when I am, I'll have no hesitation about wearing his ring - or giving him mine.


TheFeministBreeder said...

Gorgeous. I wish my hetero wedding was as beautiful.

Phyllis Sommer said...

you are right - it is gorgeous. thanks for making my day:-)

educat said...

Irim, I had the same thoughts without the specific examples. Furthermore, seeing this couple like this makes me happy for them and I just don't get anyone who can't see it.

I've just come back to read you after some time and am so enjoying "catching up" :)