Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Maybe you should have thought twice about this.

There are those who say Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy should not be fodder for the blogs. I agree in the respect that I don't think we should be wagging fingers at her, but I disagree because this IS related to the discussion.

In her wonderful piece that I have posted previously, Jane Smiley asks,

"If she's into "family values," I want to know what they are, and how the nanny views Palin's "family values." If she produced a child at 44, I want to know if she believes in birth control, because birth control is a political issue. I also want to know her views on the government's obligations to the disabled. Do the disabled children of rich people get special treatments that their parents can afford, while the disabled children of poor people get nothing?"

What ARE her family values? What is her stance on birth control? The final questions about children with disabilities can also be extended to include pregnancy. Since she doesn't believe in abortion, does she believe in providing care for disadvantaged teens who become pregnant or are only wealthy teens afforded prenatal care? Does she advocate cutting medicaid so that when these poor teens (who are far more likely to have premies) go into labor pre-term, they cannot afford the insane bills associated with a sickly baby?

Not only does this answer and then raise new questions about Sarah Palin, but it also puts a spotlight on some things Sen. McCain has done and how very out of touch he is.

McCain fought money on teen pregnancy programs

That doesn't even take into account the Republicans' newest push to define contraception as abortion.

What in the world were they thinking picking her? I've heard some argue that just seeing Palin and McCain standing together highlights the riskiness of this ticket. When you see the younger woman standing beside him, McCain's age is painfully obvious. When you see the elderly man standing alongside Palin, her youth and inexperience are impossible to ignore. Now too, when you see this family, you can't stop but be reminded of the failings of the Republican party and specifically the policies McCain supported and voted down.


TheFeministBreeder said...

I 1000% agree that this pregnancy IS our business because she MADE it our business when she touted around her Abstinence Only education.

Either stay out of the lives of American families, or yours is on the chopping block too!

Irim said...

Absolutely. And frankly, the "Bristol Palin isn't a fair topic" crew are talking about her as much as anyone else, and in almost as much detail as anyone else, prefacing it with "We don't know if she...so it's none of our business."

That's speculation, just the flip side of it. If you're not going to talk about it, DON'T ALREADY. Be honest about what you're really doing.

And yes, the fact that Sarah Palin believes in abstinence only education, which means that's probably what she gave her daughter, DOES make it relevant, as do her anti-contraception and anti-abortion stands.

She MADE her family our business, not only by her stands but by the announcement. She threw her daughter to the wolves.

What class.