Saturday, August 23, 2008

Awe-inspiring people

Have you ever been truly in awe of someone? There's so much stupidity around us, so when I find someone that amazes me (in a good way, not in a "Oh my stars and garters, these people have actually reproduced" way), I hold it dear.

About a year ago, I got back in touch with an old friend. In high school, we were just acquaintances. We had AP Physics together and he was nice, but we never hung out. I ran into him at a rest stop on my way back to college (we both went to school out of state--the same state, different schools) on more than one occasion and we stopped to chat then moved on.

Well, now he's a doctor, a pediatrician. And what is he doing with his time and talents? He's touring truly underprivileged places in the world providing care at his own cost. He's not advertising this fact as a way to get attention. He only mentioned it when I wrote to ask.

When my cousin passed away last year, this friend wrote me a quick note that was very sweet. I was truly touched. He didn't have to do that. We hadn't really kept in touch. Heck, I didn't even tell him about my cousin. He found out indirectly and went out of his way to write.

Mind you, we were never romantically linked, so don't get the wrong idea. He's a newlywed (his wife is gorgeous. They make such a cute couple) and I've been happily married for a long time. So it's nothing of that sort.

I'm just amazed at the person he has become. He's the type of person that you sometime doubt exists. To know that there are truly kind-hearted people out there really helps renew my faith in humanity. If you need a definition of mensch, he fits it perfectly.

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