Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New study proves my point.

The drug/nursing dilemma is a big problem. I've known people who weaned because a doctor told them to in order to take a certain medication. In several cases, they have had me check Hale after the fact only to find the drugs they were on were actually very safe.

Let me say that the majority of drugs are safe for nursing or have a safe alternative. Yet we're being lead to believe otherwise. Apparently, many doctors and pharmacists believe otherwise as well.

I have ranted about this before.

Now the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog brought a new study to my attention.

"For 75 percent of drugs that are considered unequivocally safe for breastfeeding, pharmacies were inappropriately advising mothers to stop nursing."

GAH. I could say so much, but instead, I'll just say GAH.

I said more in my last post on the topic, so I'll just direct you to that post.


Zoe said...

i can not tell you how many woman call me after they have already stopped nursing to find out about a drug. drives me nuts!

Robin said...

My breastfeeding-supportive pharmacist has never even heard of Hale!! I promised to show him my copy so that he could order his own.

GAH is right!