Monday, April 21, 2008

Chametz, let the countdown begin.

I've noticed that every year, during Pesach, companies just love to introduce their new chametz-filled/coated/composed entirely of foods.

Last night, I saw my first one. Keebler has come out with some sort of fudge-filled cookie dipped in even more chocolate.

Damn you advertisers and your timing.

They advertise (or even create) foods to make life easier on the Catholics. Every fast food joint around town offered some sort of deal on their fish sandwhiches and a few places introduced new seafood products just in time for Lent. Actually, after seeing a commercial for one such fish sandwhich dh said, 'It must be that Catholic holiday 'cause the fish sandwhiches are making the rounds."

Yet they seem to introduce new foods just to make life more difficult for us.

Although, this year, we found a local grocery store that was chock full o'Kosher for Passover foods, so we're much happier. I even found a Dannon coffee flavored yogurt that's specifically kosher for Passover. Although, it wasn't featured with the Pesach foods, but matzah meal that is specifically NOT kosher for Passover was on the table with all the safe foods.

Now that I've remembered that yogurt, I'm off to have some. Yum! You Keebler Elves can shove your new cookies up your beloved tree. I'd much prefer my coffee yogurt.

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Phyllis Sommer said...

lol - it's just a week but you're right, something cool always does seem to come along....