Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Random Things About Me

I'm not at all creative. As usual, Thursday snuck up on me yet again. I have nothing planned, but rather than go silent again, I'll just do 13 random things about me.

Thirteen Random Things About Me

1….I am currently wearing shorts.

2....I twirl my hair. It's kind of scary. I often find myself doing it when I didn't realize I was. Once, I saw my hand as it moved up towards my hair to twirl it. It freaked me out because I saw it moving, but I wasn't consciously doing it. When I was 13, my sister used to laugh at me and insist, "Playing with your hair is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction." I never was able to find any confirmation on that.

3.....I have a collection of funky socks that I wear often.

4....Everyone feels compelled to buy me Chanukah socks. I have about 8 pairs.

5.....I love thunderstorms. There was a time when we lived on the bay and we could watch the storm clouds come across the ocean. We loved it.

6.....Based on my astrological sign, A Cancer or Scorpio should be my perfect match.

7.....My husband is an Aries which is not supposed to work at all.

8....My absolute worst match is a Virgo. My mother is a Virgo. That explains so very much.

9....My mother recently sent me a great big box o'WTF (she likes to throw as many random things as possible into a box and then spend at least $20 to send it to me) which included a set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like a trout (one is the head and the other is the tail). Dh and I HATE them.

10....I am very much not an outdoors person (I love the outdoors, but I hate camping and things of that sort), so we have no clue why she sent them to us and we really wish she hadn't.

11....They have recently put in a bunch of those huge red metal donation dumpsters around town and I couldn't be happier. We've already made several visits to them to deposit donations and we will be doing that again soon (see #9).

12....Up until I was 10 (and was teased mercilessly), I said "Pellow" instead of "Pillow."

13....Whenever I do these "Random things about me" type entries, I always ask dh for help and despite the fact that he's known me for more than a decade, he very rarely offers any suggestions at all.

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Karen MEG said...

I loved these quirky things! You've got to post pix of your funky socks!

Thanks for stopping by my 13!!

Giselle said...

Dude, I am SO a Virgo. What does this mean for our friendship? And where are these donation dumpsters? You must share the joy. And socks! I adore socks. On my permanent list of appropriate gifts for me for any occasion from any giver are: crayons, pens, stationery, notebooks, hair scrunchies (which for some reason I insist on calling hair-doo-flatchies) and socks.) No one except husband and one friend ever buys them for me because they don't believe I really, truly want them. (I do.) They insist that I'm just being polite. (I'm not.)

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I love reading the random things lists! Yours was great! I got a kick out the salt and pepper shakers.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!