Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What are you making?

So, all you creative souls, tell me, what are you making? I'm curious what type of craft/creative projects everyone is immersed in.

I made a few felt cupcakes. I tried a different pattern. These new ones look better than the truly odd one I made the kids for Chanukah.

How about you? What are you creating?

ETA: I had no idea that the blogger who posted that cupcake pattern was Jewish. I found the pattern the other night and used it. Then, I found it again via Google for you folks. After I posted the link here, I poked around at her links and found felt hamentaschen. AHHHHH. I think I'm in love. I MUST make those. We're a little late for Purim, but my kids need those regardless. I'll just skip the magnet part. How cute!


Phyllis Sommer said...

ooh how cute are those. i'll have to try that, i bookmarked it for purim next:-)

Katie said...

I'm going to start a sewing class June 9th. I'll probably start with something easy like baby leg warmers for M.