Monday, July 28, 2008

CNN loses its ever-loving mind.

Dear CNN,

I love you. When my husband was deployed, I damn-near moved in at Headline News. Now that he's home, I still regularly watch both CNN and Headline News. I find your reporting to be even-handed and fair. I may not always agree with what is reported, but it's presented in a balanced fashion. This is in stark contrast to your competition.

So I find it rather baffling that I need to compose a letter in which I tell you that a kangaroo kicking a zoo keeper is not news. It is normal animal behavior. Should you decide to show that video a handful of times during the day, so be it. I suppose it has its entertainment value. Although, under no circumstances should you air that footage EVERY FIVE MINUTES. You are a news network. That is not news. It's a kangaroo that kicks. This does not compare to war, famine, disease or even a freaking religious image burned into toast.

Any random idiot who happens to be holding a camera is NOT an "IReporter." They most certainly should not be refered to on the air as, "Our IReporter." They are not your hired staff. They are neither yours nor are they reporters.

While it is true that occasionally, an amateur will capture an astounding or truly important moment on camera, this is not one of those moments.

Please cut this shit out. I watch CNN and Headline News (both of which have been airing this video every 5 minutes) for the news, not to see some random kangaroo doing what kangaroos do.

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Pauline said...

you won the mixed chicks on my blog. please email me your info.
btw-cute letter to CNN.