Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yet another post on kid quotations, cupcakes and fairies

Oh, oh, oh, before I vanish once again, I want to share this bit of wisdom from Girl1. A few nights ago, she lost another tooth (for those keeping score, the girls are now tied at 5 each). So we've been discussing the Tooth Fairy quite a bit. This morning, Girl1 announced, "We're all about the tooth fairy and cupcakes."

She then continued to announce that she wants a stick and some ribbon to use to make a toy for the Tooth Fairy. I informed her, "The Tooth Fairy is not a cat." My child had damn well better be captain of the debate team in a few years because, in her usual fashion, she immediately came back with, "But she can play with the cats with us using the toy I'll make."

FTR, my mother, husband and sister have no sympathy for me when I get into one of these discussions with my eldest wherein she has an answer for every possible angle of my argument. That little talent is proof that she is my daughter (as if the fact that I carried her for 7+months isn't sufficient).

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Hyphen Mama said...

She's a smart one! That'll make you very, very happy. At least someday it will.