Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pregnancy update

I have lost more than 10 lbs on my midwives' nutritional guidelines. Before I got pregnant, I busted my butt to lose any weight with no luck. I went to the doctor, worked out 2 hours a day, watched what I ate all to no avail. I should have just checked with the wonder midwives back then and saved myself the time and trouble.

My uterus has popped. I've been showing, but now, I'm showing even more. Someone even said to me, "Hey, now you look pregnant." Yay!

Upon sending my mother the first belly shot (you know this is our 4th baby 'cause I didn't even take any belly shots until now), I was thrilled when her reply was, "I was surprised. You don't look bad." She didn't mean it that way, but my mom sometimes misses out on that whole tact thing. That was actually the best I could have hoped for from her. Last time around, when I was about 29 weeks pregnant and sent a photo, she replied, "So, you got fat."

I think I may have felt some movement in services yesterday (Shanah Tova to my fellow Jews), but I'm not sure. I didn't feel a kick (it's a little early for that), but more like the kid launched him/herself off one side and smacked into the other. TheBoy did that a lot during my last pregnancy, but not until much later. I'm still not certain if that really was movement, but I'll wait and see what I feel next.

I can now go quite a few hours between meals (yippee) and I'm not feeling nearly as sick. Although, that constant gagging has been replaced by actual vomiting. I've only thrown up 3 times this entire pregnancy, though and all of them between 10 and 13 weeks. I can deal with that. I'm still extremely tired, but it's getting better.

I ordered a birthing pool. It's a little earlier than I would have liked, but it's the best time for deals on pools. I found an inflatable kiddie pool that is often used as a birth pool on clearance at the Toys R Us website. It cost me less than $15. I used left over gift cards, so it didn't cost me any of our money. The same pool runs from $45-$100 on sites that specifically sell birthing pools. After the baby is here, it'll be a pool for the kids (once it's cleaned, of course).

Had some blood work run at my midwife appointment and it came back perfect.

I would love a little more patience. That would be lovely right about now. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be making an appearance. I'll keep working on it, though.

So far, so good.


Phyllis Sommer said...

sounds like things are going well! glad to hear it. hope you had a great holiday....and of course, gearing up for more:-) we started on our sukkah decorations tonight!

Rixa said...

So, what are your midwives' nutritional guidelines? Please share!

Reiza said...

I'm basically on the Gestational Diabetes diet in an effort to keep the baby's size down. I have a narrow pelvis and my best chances at a VBAC are if this baby is smaller than my son (7 lbs 14 oz). We're attempting to accomplish that with diet.

The short version is that all white carbs are out. I can have 200 g of complex carbs. Their standard guidelines are 60-80 g of protein, but I need to keep it closer to 60. One serving of fruit a day and I try to stick with those with a lower glycemic index. I'm loading up on veggies, but avoiding corn, carrots and potatoes which are high in natural sugars.

I have my good days and my not so good, but I'm doing pretty well with sticking to it.

And I must point out that my diet is only this strict because of my specific situation. My midwives are very big into nutrition, but the vast majority of their moms have more leeway with this stuff than I do.

Although, with my last pregnancy, I was able to follow their nutritional advice to treat all the problems that my OB treated with prescription drugs during my first pregnancy (and treating those issues with diet worked much better).

Rixa said...

Thanks for answering my question. Really, a GD diet type makes a lot of sense for everyone: lots of vegetables, complex carbs. Easy on the sugars and no empty starches. I should be a bit better about eating like that!