Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Halloween is scarier than I thought

I just stumbled across a collection of old costumes at RetroCRUSH. Oh my word! I had no idea what I was in for.

I had a bunch of these crappy plastic wonders.
  • I vaguely remember Smurfette.
  • I can never forget the freaky eye-less face of this Mini Mouse costume which sat in the box on the foot of the basement stairs for years and creeped me out every single freaking time I had to go down there. I don't believe I ever actually wore the costume, so I think maybe she was just used as a gargoyle to keep evil (or kids) away.
  • I don't remember who in my family had this costume, but someone did. It's so freakishly familiar. If you never had the costume, your expected reaction is to run screaming. So even if you look at it and your initial reaction is not, "GO THE HELL AWAY," but rather, "Wait, I know you," then you MUST have had that costume at some point in time.
  • Laura is another one that is so very familiar, but I don't know who wore it. I had an undying love of the t.v. show (never the books. Why my parents wasted time reading me crappy Disney books instead of Little House In The Big Woods when I so obviously ADORED the Ingles family is beyond me). I assume that if anyone had that costume, I did, but I don't remember ever wearing it.
  • While I never had this one, I'm shocked by its very existence. Small Wonder? Really? I had no idea they had a Vicki/VICI costume. I adored that show, but that one is super scary. I'm not sure that I would have actually wanted that.

Why did we ever think these costumes were a good idea? They're horribly creepy. These aren't cute sweet cuddly kids' costumes. These are what Michael Myers must have worn.

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Phyllis Sommer said...

crazy - i loved that small wonder show. that youtube clip was quite a memory for me...thanks!:-) i still wouldn't want the costume, either, though, it looks pretty freaky to me.

i'm not such a halloween fan. i think it had to do with the principal scaring me in first grade with his terrifying costume. i've never liked it since.