Saturday, June 21, 2008

Say what?

I just checked my stats and found some fun keywords that have brought people here.

anatomically correct love doll
Oh boy! That's not at all what I meant when I posted about the kids' anatomically correct doll. Although, I bet that person probably considered the cheese penis post a suggestion rather than simply a funny anecdote.

make a list of eight things to put on the spaceship
If you insist.
1. Alcohol
2. Chocolate
3. That aforementioned anatomically correct love doll
4. Bob Hope
5. Chilli
6. Charro
7. Gefilte Fish
8. The entire cast of The A Team

things ur husband does in target
I don't know who this person is, but oh boy do I want to. I want to have a long conversation with them too.
Random note: When I mentioned this particular phrase to dh, he was baffled and asked, "What did you write about me in Target?" When I assured him that I hadn't, he said, "I didn't think I did anything unusual there--at least not anything funny that you'd feel compelled to write about."

bath and body works intimate areas

my niece is irresponsible and pregnant
Apparently, I should start a club.

penises like dolls
This is another one to file under "WTF?" Is the searcher attempting to learn if penises have an affection for dolls or is he/she comparing someone's penis size to that of a doll? Either way, I'm baffled--highly entertained, but baffled none-the-less.

why do you need a license to cut hair
I have a photograph of a 4-year-old me with my bangs hacked off horribly short at the hands of my unlicensed mother that would help explain that regulation.

Oddly enough, these are some of my most popular entries:

Sorry For the Silence I have no clue what is in there that attracts people, but it's my most popular page

Nothing says, "Happy Chanukah" quite like ham.

It's not every day you get My Little Pony news. Yeah, I was excited by the news too, but I find it strange that it's one of my most popular entries when it's new. I guess people REALLY like My Little Ponies.

And, of course, Harry Potter and the Simulated Sex Act

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