Monday, January 25, 2010

Fathers Say the Darnest Things.

Dh takes TheBoy to the bathroom every night before we go to bed. For those who don't have boys, I will explain that there's some penis tapping/shaking which occurs after such an event. The other night, I heard dh exclaim, "That's enough. It's not a guitar."

The next sound I heard was my own snorts of laughter.


Anonymous said...

Bwhahahhaah!!!!!! Almost sent coffee all over the screen!

Reiza said...

Kamrin, I KNOW! I was hiding in the shadows waiting to slip into the bathroom myself (quietly so that I didn't distract TheBoy from going back to bed), but after I heard that, I laughed so hard. I ran and hid in my room and tried to stifle it, but then I sounded like a snorting pig. lol

Joy said...

I shall remember this one for my 8 year old, who actually plays guitar. ;p

Too funny!!!