Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Sticky Bug On the Ceiling: Eeek eek eek!

The title is in reference to Dr. Seuss' ABC book ("Camel on the ceiling, CCC")

I have no idea why my Wordless Wendesday posts are never wordless. Sorry about that. There's no truth in advertising, I guess.

So here's my creepy entry for WW:

That is my playroom ceiling. That's a red sticky bug on my ceiling. My kids threw it there A MONTH AGO. Why is it that most sticky things will lose all stickiness the moment you look at them, but these things WON'T LET GO?

The kids got a few of these at a party a month ago. They played with them outside at the park in 110 degree weather. Then they came home and washed them off. I figured that would be the end of them. Then they rolled them around on the cats. I figured that, if there was anything remotely resembling sticky on there, it was long gone.

Then they threw this one and his bright blue brother on the ceiling where they remain to this day. We have high ceilings. I can't reach them to get them down.

As though that's not bad enough, they broke an extremity (these are poorly made bugs, I can't tell if it's a leg, an arm, or a tail) off the bright blue one and launched it separately. It looks remarkably like a slug...on the ceiling. Oh boy was that fun when I first noticed night...alone...long after the kids went to bed!

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Suzie said...

That cracks me up! If it makes you feel better, in my last classroom we played with silly putty. Got it to bounce right up and into the light fixtures. It (and all it's fine colors - blue, green, hot pink) still sits up there today.