Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kids say...

Actual conversation I just had with my son.

TheBoy (in a sad voice): Daddy yelled at me. Don't wanna go to bed.
Me: Well, if you're a big kid, then you'll go to bed. It's bedtime and the big kids are all in bed. Are your sisters in bed?
TheBoy (mournfully): Yes.
Me: They're big kids. They're in bed. If you want to be treated like a big kid, you need to go to bed. It's your choice. You can go to bed or you can yell and scream.
TheBoy: Going to yell and scream.


The Barnharts said...

that sounds like my son! thank you for stopping by my blog- hope you win the shoes!

Clair said...

Hey there! I know how you feel about adjusting. We spent 3 years in Thailand as missionaries and comin back was surreal! Hope you adjust soon. Thanks for entering my contest!