Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And I only have 3

Aside from the Catholic comment and the twin one (and mine ARE actually twins), we've heard pretty much all of these.

And I only have 3. I can only imagine what I'll hear when baby #4 makes an appearance.

Not my holiday and not quite my family size, but I like it and had to share.


Phyllis Sommer said...

that was pretty cute. you're right, i've heard them all too, minus the catholic. my two youngers are pretty close in age, i get the twins question a lot. people can be so rude!!!!! i still owe you an email, i'm working on it....sorry for the delay....

Giselle said...


TheFeministBreeder said...

That's funny... I think it's especially cute how the kids sang.

My (catholic) grandma had 7 boys, and she absolutely adored her family size. They're all really close, and it seems like such a happy life.

We won't be having 7, but we sure ain't stopping at 2. Yes, it will be hard when they're young, but one day they'll be grown and I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have each other.