Thursday, May 22, 2008

I like...

I'm not one of those fancy parenting bloggers who gets free stuff to try and share. So I don't have reviews to offer you, but I do have some things that I like.

I'm on a quest for lunch bags/boxes for the kids for camp.

These snack bags are far too cute.

My favorites are
This one isn't a snack sack, but it's my very favorite lunch box from that site. The price is actually pretty good. Usually, these sites have insanely expensive products that I'll drool over, but never dream of buying (Posh Tots, anyone?). The lunch box the girls really wanted at Target was $15. This one is $13.50. You have to figure in shipping (free shipping over $100, but there's no way I'm spending $100 on my quest for a lunch box), but even when you figure in shipping, the price is pretty close to what you find in stores.

While there, I saw some really cute back packs.

Among my favorites are
In the end, I'll probably wind up buying something cheap and decorating it myself (those snack sacks gave me some great ideas), but hey, I can drool.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I just found a Last Unicorn lunch box. Forget the kids. I want that. I also want the Muppet Show one.

How evil is it that I want to send my Jewish kids to Jewish camp with this lunch box?

When I told dh that this exists, he said, "THAT'S what we need to get them." Ha ha ha ha...NO.

Oh my goodness, these are so freaking cute. I'm leaning towards those right now.

Although, my girly girls would LOVE this.

Oh boy! This is gonna take a while.


Phyllis Sommer said...

a harold and kumar lunchbox!? who thinks of this stuff!?!?!?

Katie said...

Cuuuuute stuff. I noticed they also sold baby legs. I plan on making those for marisa when i start my sewing class next month!!!!