Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Zero is NOT my hero.

After a birthday party this weekend wherein I ate far too much junk (I didn't think I was doing badly, but when I got home and calculated the points--OUCH), a few trips for fast food and very little exercise, I stepped on the scale for weigh-in today and found I haven't lost anything since last week. My weight loss is 0.


I suppose I should be happy that I didn't gain. So I'll use this as a springboard for change. I'm going to try to avoid using any of my extra weekly points this week and see if that helps. I'm also going to make myself exercising more. I've been lazy and I know it. Time to get up and go.


Suzie said...

A zero is actually good so don't get discouraged! It's far, far better than gaining. And sometimes, we have to accept that life gets in the way and a zero or gain is okay...now I need to remind myself of that fact and get my lazy butt on the treadmill tomorrow!

Phunkyrockgal said...

No gain is great! You will lose next week :)

Colleen said...

I had one of those weeks...but gained a pound. Just stay positive and keep moving and next week will be better!