Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An RSVP Allergy

I've heard of dairy allergies. I know people allergic to peanuts. My whole freaking family is allergic to Penicillin. Until recently, though, I never knew there exists an allergy to replying. Are people all over the world suffering from this or just people on my guest list?

I recently planned an event and used an online invitation service. It allows people to respond quickly and easily whenever they have a free moment. It provides a link with all the information on the event in the very same place where one can click to confirm or refuse.

I found myself in a mild panic when, just days before the event, the majority of people hadn't even opened the invitation yet and of those who did, very few had replied. I've e-mailed. I've sent reminders. I've sent reminders using social networking sites. I've tried calling. Still, people refuse to RSVP.

I had two people call/message me to say they were coming. Well, thanks, but I really wanted you to reply through the site because it keeps a running tally of kids and adults so I have an exact number. It took more effort to call and send me a message than clicking the link would have taken.

Another person told me face-to-face that she couldn't come, but the site sent a reminder to everyone who hadn't responded. This person than replied to that message and E-MAILED ME to remind me about her conflict. The message she replied to had the link RIGHT THERE where she could have clicked to just mark, "No." It took her longer to reply than to click the link.

I was shocked to find that a number of people who didn't RSVP actually plan on coming. I had assumed they simply couldn't come, so they weren't bothering to reply. Then again, most of them NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT THE INVITATION.

This has made planning the event very difficult. I didn't know who to expect or how many.

Is this common? Are other people experiencing this as well? Have we just forgotten how to RSVP? Are the expectations different in different parts of the country/world?


Erykah said...

If its evite, you can update individual replies yourself. I really hate planning parties for that reason!

Michelle said...

Hello, my name is Michelle first off.. I just ran across your blog from multiples and more...

I will say I have exactly the same problem and I live in Australia!! So I think its just world wide.. I hate planning parties for the fact that no one RSVPS's to things.

Hope you have better luck next time!

Coco said...

Seems that many people are very inconsiderate. The last time I received an invite with rsvp with an enclosed stamped envelope I responded. I found out I was the only one that did. This was a family function. Where are peoples manners?

mallorymallorah said...

I ran across your blog through a friends and a friend of a friend.. Anyhow, I've had the same problem on multiple occassions. I recently got married and getting RSVP's was the biggest nightmare! A wedding is a big deal right? I resorted to calling, texting, Facebooking etc. to get a final count. People just don't have manners anymore. Either that or they are just lazy.. most likely the latter.