Sunday, March 29, 2009

The few. The proud.
The Jewish. The chocolate.

My kids don't eat chocolate. For the longest time, they never even tasted chocolate. The girls are wonderful about it. The staff at Sunday school likes to give out chocolate for snacks or rewards, but the big kids always tell their teachers they can't have chocolate and they help find a healthier alternative. I've been so proud of how they handle it.

As the kids have got older, we relented and agreed they could have chocolate for two occasions, Chanukah (because the gelt was overwhelming. There was no way to avoid it) and then we added Purim (because, well, I really like Purim).

Well, now we're about to add one more holiday to the mix. Next week, there's a chocolate seder at shul. Last year, we just skipped Sunday school that day. This year, though, the whole family is invited to stay. Family events are near and dear to my heart. So we'll all be going and yes, the children will get to consume chocolate.

And so, our children are thrilled to be Jewish because if not, they'd never get chocolate. :-)

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Phyllis Sommer said...

for the longest time my son thought you could only watch TV on shabbat. that the tv didn't even work any other day. it made shabbat so special!!! then we went to stay with some frum relatives. we had to spend the whole trip out there explaining that they observe shabbat in a different way and that they DON'T watch TV. it was pretty he knows better....oh well.

(plus he learned very early on that "it's always shabbat at bubbie's house")