Monday, February 02, 2009

Can't wrap my head about this and can't stop praying for them

I recently became acquainted with Cynthiaa over at Confessions of a Yummy Mummy. She was due on Valentine's Day. Just last night, we were chatting. She laughed when I was super excited about being due NEXT MONTH and she shared how excited she was to be due in just 2 weeks.

Today, I got news that her son has passed away.

Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha'olam, dayan ha-emet.

All I can do is pray for them at this time. They're in my thoughts, prayers and in my heart.


Phyllis Sommer said...

there are no words.
my heart breaks for her.

Library Lady said...

It's hell. My sister-in-law got pregnant at the same time as I was pregnant with my second girl.

She's a vegetarian, as green as you can be and at the time was VERY fit.
I was none of the above and had health concerns.

She lost her baby. I had my beautiful healthy second girl.

You just don't know. It just happens.

And it sucks. And it breaks your heart.

TheFeministBreeder said...

What a horribly awful thing. There are no words. It's hard not to cry for her as I write this. I cannot imagine.