Monday, November 10, 2008

One must be fair to the ears.

This evening, Girl2 made a confession.

You see, when she gets scared, she pulls her blanket up over her head and falls asleep that way. We always know when something's wrong if we check on her and find her burried under Bubbe's afghan.

Well, today, she told me that the whole reason she started pulling the blanket up over hear head was to be fair to her ears. She didn't think it was fair that the ear closest to the pillow was able to bask in the warmth while the other one had to shiver in the cold. And so, she started pulling her blanket up in an attempt at fairness.

I love kids and their reasoning.


Suzie said...

To be fair, I agree with Girl...only I sleep with another pillow or blanket over my head/ear because I don't like bugs buzzing by my ears!

TheFeministBreeder said...

This is hilarious. When I was a kid (okay, and still today) I refused to let even my little pinky toe hang over the edge of the bed because I was (am) terrified that something would reach up and bite it off. How weird is that??!!? Yeah... I should probably be medicated or something.