Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Halloween Candy

Thirteen Things to do with Halloween Candy

1.... Eat all the chocolate when the kids aren't looking.

2....Save the maltballs 'cause you don't really like them, but when all the other chocolate is gone, eat them too.

3....Let the kids have a few lollipops (suckers to some of you) and Starbursts.

4....Search through the bags again in an attempt to find any hidden chocolate. If you find some, see #1. If not, move along.

5....Pick up the Almond Joy, consider it, then put it back down and decide it's not worth it.

6....Repeat #5 at least two more times.

7....Use the bag of candy as a threat when the kids don't clean up.

8....Let them have some runts and that Hannah Montana candy bracelet.

9....Stash a few lollipops in your purse/diaper bag for a rainy day (or a cranky child).

10...Repeat #4.

11...Open every single pack of Starburst in an attempt to find pink (or your particular favorite).

12...Wind up with only 2 pinks (which you eat) and a huge pile of red and yellow Starbursts (which you hate). Build a wall with them. Stack them up to form various farm animals. Then give up and put them back in the bag for the kids.

13...Donate everything else to care packages for our troops overseas and stay far away from the scale for a few days.

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FickleMinded said...

great idea,too bad all the goodies were gone :D

Sarah said...

Fabulous list! I loved the reference back to searching for chocolate over and over again! :)

My expressions LIVE said...

Awsome list....Come on though....Almond Joy is good...We have eaten everything chocolate.....maybe a few Hershy bars are left. Excellent 13!

Kealie Shay said...

This was a fun list... but I like Almond Joys and my DH likes malt balls... lol

Thanks for stopping by my list today! The fire one is one of my picturws I constantly go back to. Happy T13