Tuesday, September 04, 2007

That husband of mine is a good catch.

So, yeah, we have issues, but today, my husband scarfed down dinner quickly so that he could take the car--MY car to get the tire replaced. This is the same tire that I popped (don't ask because I'm not quite sure). This is AFTER he worked a full hectic day. This is AFTER I offered to go myself and he said, "No, you shouldn't have to sit there and wait with all the kids. I'll do it when I get home." This is AFTER he took the car somewhere else yesterday--a holiday, only to find they didn't have the tire we needed. This is AFTER he called around to find out who had it in stock.

When he came home, he came bearing alcohol for me. After the kids were in bed, out of nowhere, he came over and hugged me. He has not been the huggy type since before his last bout of PTSD.

He's trying. He's really trying.

Add that to the list of reasons I love my husband.


Kamrin said...

And this is why I have not hunted his a$$ down and beat some sense into it!
May he keep on keeping on!

I can't wait to hear about High Holy Day preparations!
(PS. If I have been drinkin' I can type the word verification without looking at the keyboard. What's up with that?!?)

Jennifer James said...

That's a really sweet post.