Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The many adventures of The Boy and his kippah

We're fairly traditional Jews, but we don't follow the dress guidelines that O Jews typically do. The Boy has a kippah, but he only wears it at services. At the C shul where the girls' have Hebrew classes. they have them at the front door when you walk in. The Boy has come to know it as the hat place. Before we walk in, he signs and says, "Hat." Doesn't matter how many times I try telling him, "Kippah," it's still a "Hat." He puts one on and demands the same of his father (Good boy!). The Boy MUST have a kippah. It's very funny. As one who is far more traditional-leaning than her husband, I just love it.

Well, today, I happened to have his kippah in the back of the van (forgot to take it in after Rosh Hashanah). He saw it as I was getting him out of the van. He INSISTED on wearing it into the gym.

I need to buy him a new one. The one he has (yes, he only has one) is a baby one that still has straps to tie it on. He actually does much better with the adult ones. But, oh, the fun I will have in selecting a few new ones (because honestly, I won't be able to buy just one)!


Kamrin said...

Hmmm.....note to self, "Self! Find crochet and sewing kippah patterns in order to spoil child!"
Hehehehe! What's his favorite colors?

Reiza said...

Ohhh, I love the idea of a variety of kippot from which to choose. Right now, The Boy isn't too picky on colors. He always gets a white kippah at shul, but any color works. May I put in a request for blue? I love him in all things blue.