Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rules that only morons need to hear: What Cannot Be Unseen

Have you ever had to explain something to someone which really should be common sense, but for some reason, it wasn't for that particular person?

Don't speak loudly and in great detail at the gym about the best blow job you ever gave, particularly when there are elderly ladies on the treadmill next to you is one such rule.

I came across another one last weekend that needs sharing: While at a restaurant, do not EVER speak of anything you have seen on a television segment titled anything remotely similar to, "What Cannot Be Unseen."

This should be common sense, but it wasn't to the group of ladies a few tables down from us at a restaurant. After hearing about one such segment (again, in great detail), I had to put down my food because I had lost my appetite. Now, I don't have a weak stomach, so if even I was grossed out, you can rest assured what you just discussed (LOUDLY AND IN GREAT DETAIL) was completely inappropriate in an establishment where eating takes place (or at least DID before you grossed people out).

So, what other rules have you felt compelled to clarify for the morons?


Heather Griffith Brewer said...

I would like to clarify to the drivers who are yapping on their cell phones...or texting (illegal here)that they need to DRIVE not chat on the phone.
But I'd have to follow them, and I don't have that kind of time.

Reiza said...

I'm with you on that. My whole family was almost hit once IN THE CROSSWALK at Target because some moron was texting. He was looking at his phone, not the PEOPLE IN THE CROSSWALK that he was about to drive into. He never did stop, but his window was down, so I yelled at him.

We should not need to tell people to cut that out, but sadly, we do.

Giselle said...

Don't make comments about someone's choice to have children, to not have children, how many children they has, haven't they had that baby already or if they know what causes that. Srsly. Cut that shit out, people.