Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The not so wordless Wordless Wednesday: The evil dryer from hell

6/17 UPDATE: No new washer/dryer for me. Home Depot made it absolutely impossible to change the order, so I had to cancel the whole thing. No new washer/dryer. Oh hell. Now what?

If you follow me on twitter, you've read my endless string of complaints about my evil dryer from hell (yes, that is it's technical name and it must be referred to as such at all times).

The last straw was when it ate an entire load of clothes. Each t-shirt had about 20 scorch marks/holes. I have a postpartum body and not many clothes into which I currently fit. I have very little spending money. I have no patience for this. I can't deal with this.

The evidence of the evilness of the aforementioned evil dryer from hell is presented below.

Oh dryer, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways (and holes and scorch marks).

2 holes and 1 and 1/2 scorch marks.

3 holes and a scorch mark

3 holes (there's a small one on the far left plus the big one and smaller one on the right) and 2 scorch marks (the one on the left is difficult to see).

3 holes

1 hole

1 scorch mark and 1 hole

That last one is my daughters' dearly beloved Lands End bathing suit. I was very upset over that. It's by far our favorite bathing suit, but we can't afford to replace it right now. Well, the WONDERFUL people at Lands End read my tweet wherein I mourned the bathing suit (and two companions). They contacted me and offered to replace it. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I could kiss every single person at that company.

My mother offered to buy us a new dryer AND a new washer as an anniversary gift (while it's true the dryer recently started sounding like an epileptic robot was trapped inside, the washing machine has done a wonderful imitation of a helicopter for months. When my midwife washed our towels and sheets after TheBaby's birth, the noises emanating from the washing machine scared the hell out of her. "Are you sure that's okay? Are you REALLY sure? That sounds bad.") . Yes, this is the same mother who has been out of work for 6 months. The new NOT evil washer/dryer from mom will be delivered on Monday.

Yeah, my Wordless Wednesday wasn't so wordless. Whoops.

Again, 6/17 UPDATE: We are NOT getting a new washer/dryer.


Phyllis Sommer said...

hooray for lands' end!
hooray for your mom!
hooray for a new washer/dryer!


Leigh said...

That's really great that they're going to replace it for you!

Cascia said...

Good to hear that you are getting everything replaced. It sure would stink to have any piece of clothing ruined like that.

BK said...

Good to hear that the Lands End is offering to replace the bathing suit. At this rate the dryer is going, it may just cause you to change your whole wardrobe. Hope it'll be replaced soon. Have a great day.

thefeministbreeder said...

That is SO AWESOME that Land's End helped you out! Behold the power of Twitter!

LuvnLife00 said...

phew! i was getting a bit upset for you. Im glad it all worked out. Lands end rocks!